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Birmingham UK
Nov 2006
6 years ago

I bought one of these overdrive pedals second hand at the local Cash Convertors for about £30. I have a reasonable collection of overdrive pedals and always liked the look of this one, so I took a chance on it.

First impressions are all positive - warm sound for a digital unit, 2 seperate programmes easily switchable, sweepable contour to make the most of the Tone control and capable of grittier tones if nec. All in all, extremely useable.

I've read that some of these units can be troublesome - switching glitches, volume dropouts etc - but so far, no probs. What is interesting, are comments that the units can be noisy on battery power, rather than when being mains powered. That seems counter-intuitive to me, but actually it's true. I've never encountered this on another pedal.

With 2 overdrive levels/tones to play with, it's a good little unit for space starved pedalboards, being half the size of a Fulldrive. In truth, I have other overdrives that sound a little better than this one, but I do like it, even though it's hardly a classic.

Anyone else have one of these and may care to comment on their experiences with it?

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