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Nov 2005
10 years ago

Hey, still researching for that beautiful texas blues sound

Which of Robert Keeley's pedals would produce the best SRV-blues tone, the modded TS9-808 or the modded BD-2ph?

Both pedals have 9/10+ reviews on harmony central, they both claim to do a similar job in the blues department, and they're both pretty similar in price...

What do you lovely gear heads reckon?

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Jul 2004
7 years ago

Well SRV used a Tubescreamer, so... yeah. I'd go with one of those.


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San Luis Obispo, CA
Sep 2004
9 years ago

I've heard good things about both.

The blues driver would probably give you a little more grit, whereas the tubescreamer would be a little more transparent.

Tubescreamer is almost the texas blues sound, though, so keep that in mind

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Jul 2003
9 years ago

If you want SRV, you want *any* tubescreamer, a strat, and about 5 cranked tube amps. :D

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Long Beach, CA
Nov 2005
10 years ago

Don't forget about the Fuzz Face being apart of his sound.

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Hollywood, CA
Aug 2005
7 years ago

Originally posted by DJZ92784
Don't forget about the Fuzz Face being apart of his sound.

He used the Fuzz Face toward the end of his career and it's hard to pick it out sometimes. I get it confused with the way he used the Octavia too. If you can pick it out, your ears are better than mine. :)

I just got done with the Blues Driver Mod on my friend's pedal. It sounds a lot smoother than stock, not a gritty. I really think to get the elusive 'SRV Tone' you need to have a dimed blackface that's 40 watts. It can't be a twin and it can't be a deluxe. You can get the closest with a Super and a Vibrolux. And the speakers have to have more bottom end and highs than a Jensen. Webers are the closest I've gotten. Those are pretty 'Spanky' speakers. Like everyone knows, a tubescreamer sounds the best in front of a slightly broken up amp. I think that the Tubescreamer is an overrated part of SRV's tone. It's a great overdrive pedal though. I have the Keeley mods too. I'm gonna do the Tubescreamer mod to a SD-1 (Same as a TS-9 with assymetrical clipping) and then do the 5 star Germanium one to another one, then pick the one I like the most and keep it. I already have mods that I got from Bryan at Indyguitarist.com when I first joined and I was impressed, needless to say. I've been using that pedal for about 3 years now...

I've ended my tone quest already, I hope I can help someone elses....:)


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