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Sep 2004
10 years ago

I play rhythm/lead guitar. My setup is pretty basic -
Guitar into half stack. The only effect i use is a digitech digidelay which runs in the effect loop of the amp. I leave the effect on all the time because it seems like it fattens the sound up. I have started getting comments after playing out that my tone is muddy and it is sometimes hard to pick out certain parts. My question is should i leave it off for rhythm parts and just kick it on for leads only? How do you guys use delay? Also if anyone has some reccomended settings they use for this particular model i would love to have them, I can't seem to get mine right.

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Brisbane, Australia
Oct 2003
8 years ago

Definately turn it off for rhythm parts. I kinda see how having it on all the time would beef your sound up, but honestly, tweak your EQ better or get a booster of some sort or something.

Even the slightest out-of-time playing will make your playing sound muddy through delay.

I'm kind of in shock at this actually :eek: I...don't understand why no one's told you that before...hmm.

But yeah, I use my delay for leads generally only. Definately not for rhythm, but then again I play metal/hardcore sorta stuff. For light rock/ambient stuff it would work.


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Sep 2004
10 years ago

Yeah, I play alot of heavier stuff also. I just personally thought it sounded better with the delay on all the time. I am playing a show this weekend so I'll just leave it off on everything but leads and see what happens.

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The Seattle Area
Aug 2004
4 years ago

I would try some reverb and eq to fatten up the rhythm and use the delay for solos or more ambient things...