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Apr 2004
9 years ago

Can anybody compare the Whammy reissue with the Boss PS-5 in terms of sound quality and features?


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Jun 2004
11 years ago

i like the look of the ps-5 better because it has real harmonizing as well a few other modes the whammy doesn't have...

I'm gonna bid on ebay this week to buy one unless another geek wants to sell me one for under US$120 (inc shipping) or $150 if expression pedal is included

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Oct 2004
10 years ago

Can you leave the whammy like an octave down and have a super heavy sound?

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North Carolina
Dec 2003
8 years ago

For versatility, I'd say the PS-5...

However, something that has come in VERY handy for me is that the whammy only has 1 knob, so it's easy to change setting mid-song. But if you only need a few different setting in your set, but need the versatility, get the PS-5. I've also heard the PS-5 tracks way better (playing more than just 2 notes at a time is feasible).

I hope that helps you narrow it down a bit :)

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Mar 2004
10 years ago

I love my PS-5 but I've never used a wammy. I got it for $90 on ebay so I can't complain.

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Apr 2004
9 years ago

Thanks guys.

From what I can tell, the PS-5 does everything the Whammy does plus the trem/flutter thing. I would mainly use it for playing lead harmonies, pitch shifting in real time for squeels and the detune for a heavy muddy kind of sound at times.

Am I on the right track with the PS-5 or should I look into the Whammy a little more?

Also, where does the PS-5 work best in the signal chain? And what kind of expression pedal do you need and can you just use a standard 1/4" instrument cable to plug it in?


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Victoria, BC
Jan 2004
10 years ago

Originally posted by SnooP
i like the look of the ps-5 better because it has real harmonizing

as opposed to...? :confused:

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New York City
Oct 2003
2 years ago

Originally posted by Cooper
as opposed to...? :confused:

Fake harmonizing, duh.

He's talking about intelligent pitch shifting.


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Apr 2004
9 years ago


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Apr 2004
9 years ago

another bump

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san gabriel
Apr 2004
9 years ago

I own one with an expression pedal. It rules, but you cant hold it in whammy mode so you have to stand on both the pedal and the expression to control it. The harmonizer is really really good, the pitch shift mode is awesome for making weird effects.

I like it a lot more than the Whammy. Lots more options.

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