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May 2004
6 years ago

First I want to say I know VERY little about effects. Give me a tube amp and I'll tell you the make model, and quality...but put me in front of an effects board, and I'm lost.

I recently bought, and then sold, a POD Xt/pro rack unit.

the ONE thing that really jumped out at me in the short period I had the unit (2 days) was how FUN it was to play with the Auto Wah. I always felt they were just gimmicky toys, but the fidelity of the line 6 auto wah was rather surprising.

SO, I'm asking you geeks for some quick help. What is the best Auto Wah out there? I'm looking for as good or better than the line6 podxt version. Is the MoogerFooger one good for guitar?

I doubt I'll ever use this thing much, but it was so much fun to play with, I might actualy consider using it live...

Please let me know of any suggestions.

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May 2003
6 years ago

I think there are one or two clones of the DOD 440 filter that aren´t that expensive. Or you could try to find an original. That´s a decent, classic filter.

I use and like the Frostwave Funk-A-Duck. It just might be better with drum machine, but you can get a lot of mileage out of it. Plenty of options. Fairly expensive though.

The Lovetone Meatball is now back in production for a ridiculously high price ($540? I think...) It has a trillion options, probably more than you would ever want.

I also like the Pigtronix EP-1. It has a great sound but not as many options as the Lovetone or the Frostwave or the EHX QTron, for that matter.

There are obviously quite a few more boutique (Menatone Mail Bomb, Emma, etc.) and mass produced envelopes that people could recommend, though

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Cleveland, Ohio
Apr 2005
5 years ago

Well in my opinion, the mutron III is tops. The reissue is fantastic though pricy ($230) and is more flexible than the original (not to mention 30 years newer.) However the old dod fx25s are very good (i've never played the new fx25b,) but the first production run fx25 I have is fantastic and cheap.

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Mar 2006
11 years ago

I have to highly recommend the Jacques Trinity for all your filter/auto-way guitar needs. It sounds awesome, and you can do some unique stuff with the included expression dome...even standard wah sounds.

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Leeds, UK
Feb 2005
9 years ago

DOD 440's are best in my opinion but of course they're rarer than Iranian Gin salesmen, the filter isn't overbearing, they're great for funk, and perfectly accent overdrive/distortion (think Jonny Greenwood of Radiohead). I have a clone pedal made by Brian Barker that's been made to the same specs as the DOD 440 albeit with a Boss style power jack, it's great, but I barely use it.

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Mar 2004
7 years ago

Are you looking for an auto wah or an envelope filter?

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May 2004
6 years ago

Originally posted by bucky
Are you looking for an auto wah or an envelope filter?

I'm not exactly sure the difference. But I betcha i'm looking for an envelope filter.

I want the effect where the harder you hit a string, the more treble comes in (the top of the "waH"... the "stevie wonder" effect if you will.

(BTW, I looked up the POD Xt's "auto wah" effect, and its SUPPOSED to be modled after the Mutron III. So I think that the direction I should head. Anyone have experience with the ibanez/maxon AF-9? Other forums mention they are GREAT sounding units extremely close to the original mu-tron III)

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Mar 2004
7 years ago

You're looking for an envelope filter.

The Electro-Harmonix Q-Tron is supposed to be very close to a Mutron III.

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Jun 2005
10 years ago

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Jul 2004
7 years ago

I'd say the Q-tron is probably a safe bet, since it sounds pretty close to the Mutron.

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Sep 2005
8 years ago

There's the EHX Doctor Q and Mini-Q in addition to the Q-Tron and Q-Tron +, along with the Tube Zipper.

There's the AF-9 too with the Maxon RI and the Ibanez originals.

Edit: There are the Dunlop Auto Q and Q Zone too.

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