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Aug 2014
1 week ago

yeah, i have a boss aw-3 dynamic wah. its pretty sweet with the variations you can have on the sound and it sounds pretty good and everything, but i dont know, i just cant stand the slight volume drop and tone sucking when the wah is on. standard wahs are out of the question just because i said so, but if you know of any cool auto wahs, let me know about them. thanks.-tim

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London, UK
Dec 2002
8 years ago

I tried the BOSS T-Wah and was actually relatively impressed.


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Dec 2002
12 years ago

EH q-tron plus, possibly with true bypass (newer models). it's the ultimate funk machine, an envelope filter with loop meant for crazy sounds!!!

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Nashville, TN
Aug 2003
7 years ago

how much is a menatone mail bomb?

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Recife, Brasil.
Jul 2003
6 years ago

Mutrons are the BEST auto-wahs/envelope filters.

But it all depends in what you are looking for in an envelope filter:

A Vintage Mutron III or a reissue Mutron III+ (HAS labs) are the best choice for versatility. They are great envelope filters, the vintage Mutron III is THE ultimate funk machine.
And I Think you could pick a reissue one for the price of an menatone mail bomb that guru is advertising. ;)

If you just want a basic auto-wah sound in a funk to reggae style than you can´t go wrong with the Mutron Micro V. Great and is pretty cheap for what they are.

For a lot less cash you can also try out a EH mini Q-Tron. Compact, sound good and they go cheap.

Thats my two cents, I hope it helps.

And good luck with your hunting.


Jun 2003
9 years ago

how are the digitech synth wahs envelope filters?? or if you guys can recommend one that isn't too too expensive but worth it???

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London, UK
Dec 2002
5 years ago

no no no

the lovetone meatball is the greatest filter ever

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Jan 2003
12 years ago

Digitech Synth wah.

I'm not sure that this is the best auto-wah, but I have to say that it is easy to use and versatile. Besides auto-wah it has some envelope filter and synth sounds.


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Jun 2003
9 years ago

Lovetone Meatball has to be.