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Decatur, IL
Jan 2005
2 years ago

I discussed this in the Geek Safehouse.

Discuss! I'm looking at doing a little bit of recording but with a lot of live use stuff... Mainstage being a part of Logic looks like it's going to be winning with the modeling and soft synths among other instruments. Correct me if I'm wrong, I've been known to be wrong. ;)

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guitargeek compound
Dec 1995
1 year ago

I've used both and find Live to be more stable. I haven't moved up to Live 8 but that is in the works...

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Sep 2006
1 year ago

I've only used the older Abelton...back in the 5 or 6 days. A Lite copy came with my M-Audio keyboard. It was....cute. I can see how people who do looping and live work would like it. I thought it was totally unsuitable for traditional music production. But apparently it's changed quite a bit since.

I'm a Logic 8 Studio user now. And I'm seeing the Logic light. Only be in it for about 8 months now and it was a steep curve from my Cubase SX 3 system. But now that I've spent some serious time with it: I like it.

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Apr 2009
5 years ago

Especially by version 7, Live is really totally suitable for recording into. Basically I use live because i understand it and can work it and so i'm the most productive with it...

If you're gonna be using it on stage At All, get Ableton. you won't regret it.