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Apr 2008
7 years ago

So i'm really curious as to what type of effect this is on the guitar that starts first


i'm sure it's some kind of distortion, but does anyone have anything specific, on the album it sounds pretty fuzzy and warm.

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Losser, of all places........
Apr 2004
1 year ago

neck pickup?

Tijd zat..., toch?


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Merseyside, U.K.
Aug 2003
3 years ago

Neck pickup, turn the tone control down.

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WOW!!! That'd rock!
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Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Apr 2005
8 years ago

Originally posted by berarduur
neck pickup?

that sounds like ****.. what a crap tone

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Oct 2006
8 years ago

sounds like ****.. what a crap tone

i think its suppose to be crappy. cheap maybe?
I do hate it though :D

My favorite radiohead tone is the start chords of the bends and 2+2=5 when it cuts down to only really one guitar playing large chords.

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Lancaster, PA
Oct 2002
7 years ago

Very compressed.
probably Thom's Telenordia TK-23 Kompressor pedal.

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Mar 2008
5 years ago

Neck Pickup, tone all the way down, Big muff
should get the job done, maybe alil dist.