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Nov 2002
4 years ago

okay, in a recent interview with a fan-site ... Gene guitartist Steve Mason spilled the beans on his gear.... sorta... you can't tell if he is using Boss compression, boss trem, boss overdrive, boss reverb, etc. or if he uses a boss compression, and then another brand of trem, overdrive, etc.

anyway... it's a good start!

Steve : Ok, guitar set up. 2 Vox AC30 amps linked to JT45 marshall head and 4x12 cabinet.

Peddles in order : Boss compression, tremolo, overdrive, reverb, delay, line selector, Mesaboogie pre-amp distortion unit, chorus and delay (lineselector splits the board into a clean side and distorted side and reduces the need for the whole board being used simultaneously reducing noise).

Guitars : 2 Telecasters (70'), SG (60), 335 (70), 2 Strats (80), 1 Dobro, 2 Gibson acoustics (J100 & J45) and a Takamine somewhere.

never heard of Gene?

buy/download tracks off of their albums "Olympian" and "Drawn to the Deep End."

initially, it will sound like The Smiths ... but their later albums which are also very good, make a distinct departure from The Smiths-y sort of sound.

anyway... good stuff. good guitar riffs and great tone.

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