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Oct 2005
6 years ago

Anyone seen Benjamin's gear with his new band School of Seven Bells? (he was formerly in Secret Machines)

I saw them from a distance and could see a Tube Screamer and he made heavy use of Digitech Whammy.

They also have 2 keyboardists (twins!) and a Macbook Pro for beats (I assume) so it was not always easy to pinpoint where sounds were coming from.

Guitar-wise he was using a Les Paul.

Also, randomly, I saw in a Rolling Stone article with the Edge where he mentioned that Benjamin Curtis introduced him to the "Death By Audio Supersonic Fuzz Gun". So perhaps he's got one of those too.

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Oct 2005
6 years ago

Actually, only 1 keyboardist. The other girl played guitar.

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Oct 2005
6 years ago

I see thanks to Flickr, next to the MacBook Pro he has a Akai MPD24.

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Oct 2005
6 years ago

Possibly they are not twins, but only sisters.

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Oct 2005
6 years ago

From here: http://remixmag.com/mag/remix_school_seven_bells/

"Composing almost exclusively with an Access Virus Indigo, two guitars, a drum set, a Boss SP-303 and the Logic sampler...

In each song, a common thread is doubling, tripling or octupling anything in earshot that isn't kick drum or bass. “We re-perform things to get them twisted to a surreal spot,” says Curtis. “When I worked with [producer] Alan Moulder on a Secret Machines record, he showed me how for every performed guitar part, there could be a resampled version over it. We used the sampler in Ableton Live a lot for that, rewiring it into Logic — it's really easy to sample in Live because you can drag things in quickly and you don't have to intellectualize the process too much. Resampling parts gives everything this cool glassiness that feels really chaotic.”

A decidedly unjudicious use of convolution reverbs and guitar pedal effects also act as a thickening agent for synth, guitar, drum or vocal tracks on Alpinisms. “We had an Orange amplifier set up, and we'd put the reverbs through that and an octavia whammy pedal,” Curtis recalls. “To me, it's just about doing more than one thing at once, at all times. Using technology doesn't have to be so discreet."

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Losser, of all places........
Apr 2004
1 year ago

Tijd zat..., toch?


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"He's Barardurr; he just does"

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Oct 2005
6 years ago

Awesome pic! thanks. I remember from the picture now he had a DL4. I also see what is probably a Boss Tuner.
What is the 3 knob pedal between the DL4 and the Volume\Whammy?

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Sep 2005
9 years ago

Other Random Facts:

Benjamin and Alejandra both play HAGSTROMS.
Benjamin uses Laney Amps.
Benjamin has a TON of Death by Audio stuff, I think he uses less of it now than when he was in Secret Machines, but still.
I also recall seeing him using a Line 6 PodxtPro during Secret Machines era.

The dude's feet are as busy as his fingers.

And not related to gear at all-- the sisters ARE twins. :)

Just the guitars, to keep my geekiness true:

Epiphone Riviera 12-string
Fender Jaguar HH
Fender Jaguar HH Baritone
Fender J5 Telecaster
Fender '69 Thinline AIMM Arctic White
Fender '77 Stratocaster
Gibson Flying V
Ibanez Artcore AFS77T
Ibanez Artcore AM77
Seagull 12-string
Squier Jagmaster (believe it or not, my main axe!)

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Oct 2009
7 years ago

When they toured melbourne he was playing a Hagstrom Swede (don't know if it was re-ish or original - looked to shiny to be an original), not a Les.

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Oct 2005
6 years ago

my bad on the Les

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between Berlin and Melbourne...
Nov 2003
4 years ago

Wow... I'd never heard of these guys but this has sparked me to go and check it out. Just listening to their myspazz and really digging out. Might have to go get the album methinks. Funny I hadn't heard of 'em - I loved Now Here is Nowhere...

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