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Dec 2009
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I was researching Korn's tone for the past 2 years, and I am now looking at their bass tone - thinking about getting Mesa Carbine M9 with a powerhouse cab. Someone on another forum said they were listening to bass on their records for a while and decided it was in fact a "hi-fi" sound. So my question is, what does this mean?

Does "hi-fi" mean that bass guitar was recorded through a tube direct box?

In hindsight, when I play my SoundGear 5-string through a Roland MicroCube Bass RX, it actually sounds better than when I play it through my Peavey Tour 450W with a 4x10 cab. Not as loud or punchy obviously... But sharper and more defined. Does this have to do something with the hi-fi-ness also?

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Jun 2007
1 year ago

Well Hi-Fi is short for High Fidelity. This is a term that could be subjectable when referring to guitar tones though. Hi-Fi is usually used as a term to describe the quality of playback from a recording. Stereo systems were often called "Hi-Fi's" for this reason.

Now you can use something like Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd, which most people would agree set a standard for Hi-Fi recordings. The over all record is very well produced and the quality of the recording sounds very polished and impressive, thus resulting in what some would refer to as Hi-Fi.

Now place that against something judged as "Lo-Fi" aka Low Fidelity and the quality of the recording isn't as pleasing or polished. You may have tape hiss or distortion from poor mixing. The reason the record industry pushed the movement forward for cd's instead of tape casettes was due to the impressive High Fidelity a cd offered. An example of Lo-Fi would be The White Stripes for a more well known band with a Lo-Fi sound.

Now to me a Hi-Fi bass sound would be a clean crisp punchy bass tone with a hint of mastering reverb to gloss it over. However if the bass was recorded digitally and 96KhZ uncompressed, no matter what it sounds like it's technically recorded in High Fidelity.

If that makes sense at all.

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Mar 2013
1 year ago

hi-fi bass tone, as in, you hear everything from the deepest growly lows to the transparent sounding highs, think marcus miller.