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Jan 2017
3 months ago

My preamp in my acoustic guitar died after I put the battery in backwards. I need to replace it, and fast. Piezos have incredibly high output impedance (5+ mohm) so a buffer circuit is used to knock the impedance down to a sane level.

I tried building this circuit and while it works, it lacks any sort of bass amplification:

UeK8K.png(The picture is uploaded)

I didnt have a 100k resistor, so r3 is 170k. I also didnt have a .1uf, so c1 is 4.7uf. I tried raising the r2 to 5mohm and it sounded the same. v+ is 9v and vb+ is 4.5v from a voltage divider. OpAmp is TL072

Any help or alteratives much appreciated!