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Jan 2004
12 years ago

my C30 has an efx loop. is this for pedals or what?? what do you run through an efx loop??

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Vancouver, B.C.
Sep 2003
1 year ago

it's so you can put effects after the preamp gain.

if you need more info, do some searching. i know i have personally answered this question and gone mildly in depth on many occasions... but if after that, you don't have an answer to a specific question, shoot.

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Mar 2003
11 years ago

Originally posted by RockAbillyRulez
my C30 has an efx loop. is this for pedals or what?? what do you run through an efx loop??

The effects loop is a feature which allows you to run pedals and racks between the Preamp and the Poweramp. This means that you can use effects on your amps distortion.

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the big OH
Aug 2003
11 years ago

yeah, as stated above - it's so you can have phase-d, flange-d, and or chorus-ed distortion instead of distorted effects ... some distortion boxes "work" in the loop and some don't ... trial and error mostly ...

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Nov 2002
7 years ago

I've found them most useful for running rack units in, as the line level in, line level out is suited to racks.

Pedals are made for less signal going through them, so it can freak some of them out.

Thankfully on well designed effects loops there are send and return levels.