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Jun 2003
1 year ago

I'm wondering if any of you guys have had a chance to compare a Celestion G12H-30 to a 50W Greenback. I have been looking to replace my Marshall cab and G12T-75s for a while (the fragile/scooped mids of this cab sucks with my amp).

I tried my friend's cab a while back with a combination of V30s and G12H-30s and it sounded perfect - it gave my amp so much more power and headroom that I was planning to order an identical one for myself. The catch is that Avatar has a special on cabs loaded with Eminence Legend GB12s (a 50W clone of the Greenback) at significantly less cost than my friend's cab. I'm tempted to order it, try it out and if its not what I want maybe swap 2 of the GBs for V30s.

I'm thinking that the GB would sound close enough in tone to the G12H-30 to make that combo work, especially since they are 50W GBs and maybe won't break up as early as the traditional ones. Any input would be awesome, although I realize a lot of it is subjective.

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Dec 2010
4 years ago

Id say try it out, It sounds like you know what youre gonna do if you dont care for the tone. So go for and maybe keep an eye out for other stuff that you wouldnt care for and maybe try it if its a good deal.

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Saco, ME
Feb 2005
1 year ago

The whole purpose of getting greenbacks is for that nice early breakup.... Midrange hump, almost like speakers with holes punched in them. Awesome sound, but it all depends on how much clarity you're going for. I'd say except nothing less then what you know you want. Sometimes you have to pay extra, but in this case, it sounds more like it'll be worth every penny then trying to save a buck on trying something else, then having to swap it out later with more money to get exactly what you want....

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