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Mar 2006
6 years ago

Has anyone been able to compare both side-by-side?

I currently use a Blues Junior with upgraded speaker. I've mostly been a Fender guy. I like the jangle and twang. I have a G&L Legacy. I play proto punk/ post punk with some surf/ blues psychedelic sounds. The Peavey seems to be more in my price range, I'm looking at one for $350 this weekend. Used Deluxe Reverbs seem to be around the $700 mark if you can find them. I played one a while ago and the sound isn't too fresh in my mind.

What I really want is portable, gig worthy, tube reverb/ tube vibrato. I have no interest in "vintage" I don't want to worry about or pay for it. I know historically the Deluxe Reverb is drooled over. But beyond the usual rabid vintage Fender cheering does the Peavey stand up?

It is in my own nature to automatically deride Peavey and go "yay Fender" because I used to own a Twin Reverb. But ultimately it was too heavy and had too much headroom.

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Royal Oak, MI
Dec 2007
6 years ago

I think I prefer the Fenders, but I would get a Line 6 Spidervalve.

I think that amp smokes anything Peavey has to offer, and most Fender amps that aren't reissues.

The power section in the SV rocks and sounds amazing with the band. But just as important--the cabinet rules. Real wood, not particle board and it is very huge sounding.

The only drawback isnt one really, I mean compared to other tube amps. You have to turn it UP LOUD to get it to react with the power section. But what else is new.. Loud there is no possible way I could ever tell it had a modeller in teh front end. It sounds and plays that convincing..

So much so that I think it would dwarf many combos in tone and flexibility.

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Jan 2007
8 years ago

I own and use a peavey delta blues 1x15 combo as my main gigging amp. I've also played the deluxe reverb reissue a few times. I liked the deluxe reverb, but I actually like the delta blues better, although it has it's quirks. The vibrato is great. I don't like the reverb very much. The deluxe's is far superior in that regard, but it's fender. What do you expect?

The clean channel has lots of headroom, and the gain channel adds a gain stage. Both sound good and versatile, especially the clean, but they started to sound oddly harsh to me after a while. I replaced V1 (clean channel) and V2 (second gain stage) with 12AT7s and it took the edge right off. V3 just drives to the power tubes so any transparent 12AX7 will do.

The pros of the delta blues would be the headroom, EL84 tone if you like it, tremolo, and versatility. The deluxe reverb's pros are probably already obvious: good cleans at lower volume, reverb and vibrato, etc etc.

Good luck in your tone journey.

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Cleveland, Ohio
Apr 2005
5 years ago

Unfortunately, I've never done a side-to-side of these two amps. However, because I like mine so much I will recommend you try and can tell you some draw backs. I have the 2x10 version. I think it is a wonderful sounding versatile amp. I think mine lacks some low-end but you should try both the 1x15 and 2x10 if you can. It is a very reliable amp though mine runs hot, if I were to play a long show, I'd bring a fan (as a precaution.) The lack of a stand-by switch is annoying. I tend to only like the gain channel with single coil guitars, and use gain pedals the rest of the time. An EQ can help a lot but the gain channel is not that flexible over all. The tremelo is excellent. For portability, these a solid 15 pounds lighter than say, a fender hot rod deville. I believe mine is 45lbs. I hope to hear what you end up going with.

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As a carvin gear whore i strongly recomend you check out the nomad or belair(the diffence being the nomad is a 1x12 and the belair is 2x12) . There sound is very much like the basterd child of a fender tweed amp and a Vox Ac30. They do not have the built in trem but both price under $630 and there American made. Which model of the delta blues are you looking at the one with the 2 10 inch speakers or the one that has one 15 inch speaker. You could check out a Vox AC15 that might get the sounds your after.

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Mar 2006
6 years ago

I went to Guitar Center yesterday and tried the Deluxe Reverb, it was a faulty model. If I played soft it sounded fine but if I were to hit a power chord this god awful screeching came out. So it was a crapshoot. I played a vibrolux, sounded good, but too much amp.

I tried the Vox AC15. It was blah. The reverb was mediocre, I thought the tremolo sounded kind of cheap. It had no warmth and basically sounded like the amp was enclosed in a cardboard box.

I liked the Hot Rod Deluxe and I also liked the Peavey Classic 30. But the model I'm really interested in now is the Delta Blues and I need to find one to try it. I'm surprised how Fender-like the Peavey was, good reverb. I was told to turn it down so I didn't get a feel for how it overdrived.

Honestly I thought the Vibrolux, Hot Rod and Peavey Classic were on the same playing field. Research is a lot of work. But it is making me feel better about the amp I already have.

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Mar 2006
6 years ago

I bought an old MusicMan instead.