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Aug 2007
9 years ago

Howdee, I need a footswitch with an LED to indicate which channel I'm in. I have a Peavey Classic 30 and a Delta Blues. They both come with the two button switch with no LEDs. Will the footswitch for the Peavey ValveKing work?? (it has LEDs) I don't care about the use of the second button (I don't switch off the reverb and I have a separate tremelo box). I bought a VoodooMan switch with an LED, but it won't work on the Peaveys.

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Houston, TX
Apr 2004
1 year ago

You'll need a switch with an internal power source (battery). I don't believe that the Classic series carries voltage through the footswitch to light and LED. You could probably mod your existing footswitch to light an LED by swapping out the switches to 3PDT and adding the battery, LEDs and 4.7k resisters on the additional poles.

Here's a Harmony Central thread with the schematic:

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Apr 2009
5 years ago

I had a well built Bespeco footswitch with an LED.


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El Paso, Texas
Jun 2006
7 years ago

Look up Tone jones, he has good footswitches with led's

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Aug 2007
9 years ago

Thanks everybody for your input ..... I'm going to order a Tone Jones and see if it works....luego.