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Nov 2004
3 years ago

Hello there,
I recently bought a Roland BC 30/2/10 at a discounted price and was wondering if there is any way i can upgrade it easily. It is solid state, 30 watts and with 2 10"speakers. I hope i don't sound patronising to anyone, but i really wouldn't know as i am fairly inexperienced when it comes to knowledge about gear. I don't think this has been posted before so here's my question:
Is there an easy way to upgrade the components etc so I get a better sound, ie a DIY kit or simple replacements to improve it, or possibly even change it to valve -driven amp?
Hope i am not sounding ridiculous but I am pretty clueless when it comes to these things, so bear with me.
Thank you!

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the big OH
Aug 2003
11 years ago

there really isn't much you can do, especially if it's not a handwired amp {which i doubt it would be} ... as far as "making it a tube amp" - if you like the preamp, and it has an fx loop, you could run the send into a tube poweramp ... or you could run a tube preamp into the amp's return jack ... but you won't be able to turn "lead" into "gold" by either method ...

the only viable "mods" you can really do would be a speaker upgrade of some sort .... you could replace filters and caps n' such - but it's a shot in the dark as to how much it'd improve anything ...

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Sep 2004
9 years ago

I say just get some stompboxes, or save money for a new amp.

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Indiana/New Mexico/Illinois
Apr 2003
9 years ago

cheap components cause electronic devices to suck. just ask anyone with a sniper modded boss eq. if you remove all the cheap components from the circuit boards and replace them with higher quality ones, you can improve the sound of solid state devices. This is especially true of elements like transistors and op amps. You could also switch things like capacitors in the eq section of the amp to alter the center frequencies. But this will probably be more of a pain than it is worth, and it won't be very cost effective. There is no way to, say, remove a transistor and replace it with a vacuum tube.
Generally people will either favor tube amps for their warmth and smoothness, or solid state amps for their lack of warmth and smoothness. When you say you want to improve the sound, if that means you don't want your solid state amp to sound so sterile, you have two options. The first is to trade it in for a tube amp. The second is to use outboard devices with tubes, like a tube pre amplifier. Then you will essentially be using the tube preamp to get the tone you want, and the solid state power amp to make it come out of a speaker.

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