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Oct 2003
6 years ago

I aquirred (about a year ago) a boss mg-10 stero amp, and get this i got it trade witha mate, he gave me the amp and he got an electric BB gun. Anyway, the only reason i wanted it was i like boss stuff and i though i might be able to use it at practice instead of my laney combo (big) I have only used it once, altough I believe its broken as the pull warp is F**ked, and its very crakly. But i thought it had some nice sounds on clean and was pretty loud.

Anyways i've never seen another one and wondered if any guitar geeks out their have got one and is it worth getting fixed and using it as a practice amp?

or got any thoughts and prices (don't know how much their worth)

The only thing i know about it is that is fairly old.


I don't know what to say...

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