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Jun 2007
5 years ago

its hard to find some reviews on this amp. it was out the same time that the v-series were around, but where the vt-22 was a response to the twin reverb, this one was a response to the vibrolux or something like it. i know its not like the v-series in a few ways, it has two channels, runs off of 6L6's and not the 7027A's, but other than that, i dont know much about them. does anybody have any information or a review on it?


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Oct 2008
4 years ago

Unless somebody beats me to it, I'll check the Ampeg book tonight for what it says.

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Chicago, USA
Oct 2008
4 years ago

Actually, after checking the book, there's not really that much information about the GV-22. From what I can tell, it's a 2x12" combo that was only made from '69-'72, and was the last of the line of Gemini combos, which were jazzy clean machines. It seems like the closest Fender analogue was the Vibrolux Reverb, although the Ampeg G-20 Gemini (the GV-22's little brother) was the more direct competitor.

Of course, I'm just extrapolating all this from the book. I could be wrong.

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Dec 2004
2 years ago

Here's a schematic: http://www.prowessamplifiers.com/schematics/ampeg/gv22_gemini22.pdf if you haven't found one yet.

At least it doesn't use 7027As for outputs. The rest is pretty straight foreward. My guess is that it weighs a ton and probably needs a cap job. It is a very clean amp with a lot of overhead. The reverb and trem will sound different than a Fender. I haven't got a clue what an afterbeat switch is. A lot of people sware by these odd old ampegs. Looking at the schematic though it isn't that odd. If you are going to buy it I would recommend thoroughly checking it out. It isn't something you should pick up off of eBay. You might want to ask around the Ampage forum.

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