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Johnstown PA
Aug 2004
7 years ago

I know of two cabs that I'd be interested in looking at that come stock with V30s:
Marshall 1960AV
Mesa Traditional (Rectifier or Stiletto)

Is there anything else I should look for? I'd be buying this used probably.

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New Zealand. In front my computer...
Jan 2007
7 years ago

Orange and Randall maybe?

I have only used my Mesa 4x12 so thats what I'd recommend. :) ;)

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Dec 2005
4 years ago


theyre favorites around here. good quality and good prices.

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Oct 2006
8 years ago

matamp cabs. for me now these are the only way to go. they sound huge.

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May 2006
8 years ago

Originally posted by anthonyrucci

theyre favorites around here. good quality and good prices.

I love my 2x12 traditional styled cab with V30's, and I'd expect even better results with their more expensive lines of 4x12's.

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Saco, ME
Feb 2005
11 months ago

Carvin makes a decent cab with V30s, as well as B-52 makes one as well.
I bought my Mesa cab used... Nice for a V30 cab, and I love the oversizing, much better sounding than a standard Marshall, at least to me...

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Wellington New Zealand
Dec 2006
7 years ago

Marshall make a vintage 30 loaded 1960 series cab. Costs more than the typical 1960a cab of course. However you're probably better off with a Mesa, better construction.

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Royal Oak, MI
Dec 2007
6 years ago

Orange, Randall, Avatar.

Oranges are the best I have heard or played through.

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Glasgow, KY, USA
Jun 2004
5 years ago

Framus, Engl, Bogner, etc.

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River Falls, WI
Aug 2004
6 years ago

Originally posted by Supergrunged
Carvin makes a decent cab with V30s.

I second this suggestion.

I have two Carvin legacy 4x12 cabs with V30 speakers, and they are the best cabs I've ever played through. I'll probably never buy a different brand/model of cab.

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St. Louis, MO
May 2003
8 years ago

I own a Marshall 1960AV with Vintage 30s. It's a great sounding cab. You can pick up used on eBay for around $500. They are very thick sounding and have the vintage mid-range bite.

Mesa Boogie cabs with Vin 30s are more focused on bottom end for that heavier sound. IMO, the Marshall is a much more rounded cabinet for rock, alternative, pop, classic rock, hard rock, and metal. The Mesa is better for detuning and numetal.


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